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    Niyatee Brings back the Culture, Try our Appliqué Work Kurtas

    Niyatee -Traditionalizing the Fashion / Proudly INDIAN.

    Niyatee by Ekaurya is a modest garment company with production based in Rajasthan that draws influence from the country's art and culture. It is mainly concerned with women's clothing. Doctors, lawyers, and many IT corporate working women choose to wear Niyatee dresses because they are flattering, long-lasting, elegant, comfortable, and trendy.

    Niyatee gives jobless women in rural regions a chance, trains them, and helps them make money from home. They are doing numerous cluster development programmes and workshops at the grass roots level for women's artisanal empowerment and providing an enriched platform for growth and success.

    In Niyatee studio, the art of hand appliqué blooms as participants mastered the delicate technique. With extreme care, fabric pieces are skilfully cut, edges folded neatly, and then artfully attached to their chosen backgrounds using stitches that evoke a sense of craftsmanship from days gone by. Through patient guidance and practice, participants bring to life intricate designs, creating stunning quilts, garments, and textile creations that reflect both their dedication and the timeless beauty of hand appliqué.

    What is Applique Work?

    An appliqué is ornamental needlework in which pieces or patches of fabric in different shapes and patterns are sewn or stuck onto a larger piece to form a picture or pattern. The beauty of this technique allows for the creation of radically different textures and creates appealing minimalistic designs by hand stitching or machine.

    The art of applique work is native to several regions in Gujarat, it is believed to have its origins in French culture.

    Appliqué is most usually associated with textiles, although this term may also refer to the identical techniques used on different kinds of material.

    It is widely used as a decorative element, particularly on clothing. The unique and joyous appliqué design is wonderful for making any season special. It's a classic combination of applique work textures.

    What is Applique Work

    What is the History of Appliqué works?

    Appliqué originated as an economical way of mending holes in tents, blankets, and garments. Examples may be found dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Middle Ages. The technique was used to strengthen aged clothes, patch holes, and add creative flare to banners and ceremonial outfits.

    Roughly cut your cloth around the pattern piece. The fusible interfacing should be cut out to match the pattern. It is simpler to work with small pieces. Press one side of the appliqué interfacing to the wrong side of the cloth as directed by the manufacturer. Ensure that the paper is glue-side down.

    As appliqué is just the act of making a decorative design by layering and sewing one piece of fabric on top of another, its look can be modern or traditional, rustic, ethnic, formal or informal.

    The Art of Appliqué work in India

    The word "appliqué," which meaning "something applied" or "a thing that has been applied," has its origins in French culture. It is decorative needlework done on small pieces of cloth that are joined together and sewed or ironed onto a bigger piece to create an image or pattern. Some types of textiles frequently employ this approach. In this, designs are made on pieces of fabric, and these small coloured patches are then sewn onto a larger base cloth that is mostly of a contrasting hue or texture. It is a technique for creating or adorning quilts, much to patchwork (piecing).

    Appliqué is a decorative technique that is used on banners, apparel, and exhibition items all over the world. Molas is produced by the Kuna Indians of Panama using the reverse-appliqué process, in which the top layers of fabric are cut away and turned back to expose the bottom layers. Quilts, wall hangings, linen, and clothes are made from the work.

    In India, the craft is famous in the Gujarat's Saurashtra, Banaskantha, Patan, and Kutch. Today's appliqué artisans in Gujarat use a colour pallet that ranges from warm to cold, white on white, colourful and festive, to natural and neutral tones.

    The flower garden was a popular source of inspiration for appliqué designs, much like patchwork. Political and philosophical viewpoints were also remembered. Any occasion, as well as gatherings, casual get-togethers, social parties, and other occasions, may be dressed up with this classic creative fabric. It is ideal for such situations because of its eye-catching colours, which make anybody wearing it the focus of attention at any gathering and give them a spunky, vibrant appearance.

    The Art of Appliqué work in India

    What kind of material works best for appliqué?

    Typically, 100% cotton fabric works best. While the Art quilts, which uses burlap, velvet and other fabrics as the background, is the exception to this rule, but for raw edge machine applique, the best bet is the good quality quilting cottons.

    Want to purchase our Handmade Appliqué Kurta Set, Click the link below to explore more antique designed variety cotton dresses by Niyatee Fashion wear.

    Hand Applique Work Highlighted on Kota Doria

    	Hand Applique Work Highlighted on Kota Doria

    • Handmade Appliqué work Cotton Kota Doria Kurta with V-neckline and 3/4th sleeves.
    • The motifs are highlighted with the graceful thread and embroidery. Pair it with the matching white palazzo for perfect look.
    • A-Line Kurta length is 46"/47", comes with a pocket so, very comfortable to wear.
    • Tailored out of 100% premium cotton fabric, this straight fit kurta promises airy, breathable comfort all day long.
    • Dresses Available in all size variant from XS – 3XL
    • Cotton Apparel - Hand wash separately.

    This Appliqué work kurta set is a meticulous and captivating art form that involves the layering of fabric to create intricate designs and patterns. With roots tracing back centuries, appliqué has evolved into a versatile technique used in various cultures around the world. Each piece is a labour of love, as artisans carefully select, cut, and sew fabrics to form breathtaking visuals.

    From traditional motifs to contemporary interpretations, appliqué adds depth, texture, and a touch of handmade charm to clothing and textiles. It's a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship, resulting in unique and timeless pieces that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation.

    So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection of ethnic and comfortable cotton dresses and make your purchase with just a few clicks. Buy the Traditional Handmade Applique work kurta set online on Niyatee online.
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