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    Try Niyatee's Hand Painted Kurta, one of our own made Artwork designs

    Niyatee's Hand Painted Kurta

    Niyatee by Ekaurya is a small clothing brand situated in Rajasthan that draws inspiration from the country's art and culture. It primarily deals with women's apparel. Niyatee dresses are popular among doctors, lawyers, and many IT corporate working women since they are flattering, long-lasting, stylish, comfy, and fashionable.

    Niyatee gives jobless women in rural areas a second chance, trains them, and assists them in earning money from home. They are implementing a number of cluster development projects and workshops at the grassroots level to empower women artisans and provide an expanded platform for growth and success.

    In Niyatee studio, the art of Hand Painting blooms as participants mastered the delicate technique. With extreme care, fabric pieces are skilfully cut, edges folded neatly, and then artfully attached to their chosen backgrounds using stitches that evoke a sense of craftsmanship from days gone by. Through patient guidance and practice, participants bring to life intricate designs, creating stunning quilts, garments, and textile creations that reflect both their dedication and the timeless beauty of Hand Painting.

    What is Hand Painted Fabric?

    Handmade Fabric painting is a skill of applying colours on the fabric to make it attractive which is very exciting experience. Painting techniques create stunning creativeness which is made by the depth of hue and shade or the creativity of the textures generated.

    It is a technique used by art quilters to create or enhance their quilt designs. The Fabric for hand painting can be wet or dry when painted each will give different results. The type of paints also varies from opaque to translucent as well as shimmers. The Techniques and tools used for painting can vary from very simple to incredibly complex.

    What is Hand Painted Fabric?

    Acrylic fabric paint is a solid option for hand painting. Since acrylic paints are long-lasting, washing your painted cloth won't cause it to warp or fade right away. Use liquid acrylic fabric paint to cover a wider surface if you're painting it.

    Fabric Painting is beneficial as it can intensify or accent existing fabric colours. Painting on fabric can give specific results to meet the artist’s needs, such as highlights and shadows.

    Fabric painting on "white" fabric with a tight even weave or fabric to be enhanced with paint.  Inks or Paints to get the desired effect. Tools are used based on the paint and painting techniques.

    What is the History of Hand Painting Works?

    Asia has a long tradition of decorating fabrics. Printing blocks have been discovered that date back to around 3000 B.C. The handmade Fabric painting remained popular on the continent, and by the time Alexander the Great invaded India at 327 B.C., fabrics full of colourful printed and painted images were a normal possession among the people. The fabrics were exported throughout Asia, Egypt, and Greece after being painted for hundreds of years in India.

    This is the art of hand painting textiles and fabrics usually using natural colours. Large temple hangings have historically been made of hand painted textiles that feature images from mythology, folklore, and religious scriptures. Also, they used it as bed covers, clothing, and wall hangings for decoration.

    Nowadays, clothing like t-shirts and jeans as well as household furnishings are painted using fabric painting techniques. However, these techniques have been practised around for thousands of years in Asia. It is believed that fabric painting originated around the same time as weaving.

    Why is Hand Painting Good?

    Young toddlers and babies can enhance their fine motor abilities by finger painting with their hands, fingers, and even their feet. Finger painting can help develop neck, shoulder, back, and arm muscles depending on how your child paints (i.e., on their stomach on the ground, sitting up, or standing). In additional hand painting can also help women at home to earn and to develop their carrier using their creative skills. We can also make decorative curtains, bedsheets and home decorations.

    Is fabric paint permanent?

    Most fabric paints are permanent and are designed to last for many years on your project. Still, be sure your paint will stay on your outfit for as long as you wish.

    If you want something permanent, make sure the paint is machine washable. This will prevent it from peeling or fading in the wash.

    It is important to wash it in cold water with a mild detergent (manual wash or gentle cycle on your washing machine). Do Not Use Fabric Softener. It will eventually 'eat' the paints away. After washing, lay them flat to dry or hang them up to drip dry (away from direct sunshine).

    What kind of material works best for fabric painting?

    Cotton, wool, linen, and silk are the most popular fabrics for fabric paintings. Occasionally the paints may start to spread and they even blend with the fabric surface these paints dry and hold the colour for a long time. Natural fabrics have the properties to hold most sorts of paints on them.

    Want to purchase our Traditional Hand Painted Kurta Set, Click the link below to explore more Hand paint designed variety cotton dresses by Niyatee Fashion wear.

    Adya Hand Painted Kurta Pant Set on Hand Dyed Cotton

    Adya Hand Painted Kurta Pant Set on Hand Dyed Cotton

    • Adya Hand Painted and Hand Dyed Cotton Kurta with Boat Neck V - Cut and 3/4th sleeves.
    • The flower motifs are highlighted with the bright yellow hand painting work. Pair it with the matching palazzo for perfect look.
    • A-Line Kurta length is 46"/47", comes with a pocket so, very comfortable to wear.
    • Tailored out of 100% premium cotton hand dyed fabric, this straight fit kurta promises airy, breathable comfort all day long.
    • These dresses are available in all size variant from XS – 3XL
    • Hand Dyed Cotton Fabric, Hand wash separately and dry in sun shade.

    Rajita Hand Painted Cotton Kurta

    Rajita Hand Painted Cotton Kurta

    • Rajith Hand Painted Cotton Kurta with Chinese Collar V-neckline and 3/4th sleeves provide a touch of elegance to the entire look.
    • The flower motifs are highlighted with the bright coloured hand painting work. Pair it with the contrast palazzo for perfect look.
    • A-Line Kurta length is 46"/47", comes with a pocket so, very comfortable to wear.
    • Tailored out of 100% premium cotton fabric, this straight fit kurta promises airy, breathable comfort all day long.
    • These dresses are available in all size variant from XS – 3XL
    • Cotton Apparel - Wash separately by hand.
    • COD & Easy Exchange and Returns Available.

    This hand-painted collection is a true testament to artistry and creativity. Each piece is a canvas, where skilled artisans apply strokes of colour with meticulous precision, transforming fabric into a masterpiece. The collection captures the essence of individuality, as no two pieces are alike, ensuring you wear a truly unique creation. From the vibrant florals that burst with life to abstract patterns that evoke emotions, our hand-painted collection is a fusion of fashion and art. Every brush stroke tells a story, making each garment a wearable expression of creativity and beauty. Discover the joy of wearing cloths that's not just fashionable, but also a work of art.


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