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    2023 Latest Office Wear Schiffli Cotton Wrapron Coord Set by Niyatee

    Niyatee -Traditionalizing the Fashion I Proudly INDIAN.

     Niyatee by Ekaurya is a fuss-free, uncomplicated apparel brand with manufacturing roots in Rajasthan that draws inspiration from the art and culture of the whole nation. The best materials, distinctive designs, and lovely hand embroidered accents are what we strive to provide at Niyatee by Ekaurya. Women of various sizes, shapes, and ages can wear the styles that our team designs.

    This Apparel line was inspired by our passion for regional handicrafts and our concern for the environment. We create clothes for women that are not only stylish but also flattering, sustainable, elegant, and reasonably priced by connecting the dots of our love and care. All of our clothing is created with consideration for the environment with the goal of becoming a zero-waste company. All of our items are exclusive to our own label and are created and manufactured in-house.


    New Launches Cotton Office Wear’s by Niyatee.

    "Cotton office style" typically refers to a professional and business-appropriate outfit that incorporates clothing made from cotton fabric.

    Cotton Kurtis is the most popular garment worn by ladies in India. As there are many Indians living in many countries throughout the world, Cotton dresses is gradually gaining popularity there as well. As a result, Indian culture is slowly gaining ground abroad. Cotton Kurtis looks elegant, rich, breathability and versatility, sophisticated, and is high-on comfort.


    Cotton dresses are preferred in office for women because they offer:

    1. Comfort: Cotton is breathable and lightweight, providing all-day comfort during work hours.
    2. Professional look: Cotton dresses can look polished and appropriate for a professional setting.
    3. Versatility: They come in various styles and colours, suitable for different office dress codes.
    4. Easy maintenance: Cotton dresses are generally easy to care for and can be machine-washed.
    5. Seasonal adaptability: Cotton works well in both warm and cool weather, making it a year-round option.


    What does Wrapron Coord Set entail?

    A Co-ord set is a pair of matching top and bottom items of clothes that are created and coupled in a way that their materials and fabrics are the same or comparable to create a unified appearance. Co-ord sets for ladies come in a range of designs that result in quite stylish appearances.


    What Exactly is Schiffli fabric?

    • Embroidered fabrics made with a Schiffli embroidery machine are referred to as Schiffli fabric. Usually, materials like cotton, linen, or synthetic fibres are used to make the cloth.
    • Schiffli fabric is frequently distinguished by its lovely patterns, which range from floral themes to geometric forms and complex lace-like designs.
    • It is frequently employed in the manufacture of clothing, including dresses, blouses, and bridal attire, as well as of things for the house, like curtains and tablecloths.


    Is Schiffli a cotton fabric?

    • Schiffli is an embroidery technique that may be used on a number of fabrics, including cotton, as opposed to a particular type of cotton cloth. In fact, Schiffli embroidery is known to be used on cotton textiles including muslin, voile, and lawn.
    • Although it may also be done on other textiles like linen, silk, or synthetic materials, cotton is a common fabric option for Schiffli embroidery due to its versatility and durability.
    • The stitching is frequently done in white or a single colour, and the motifs can be anything from delicate floral themes to startling geometric forms.
    • A Schiffli machine, a special kind of embroidery machine, is used to create these lovely pattern textiles. This machine employs a large number of needles and bobbins to create intricate patterns.

    • Summer demands comfort and breathability, which these schiffli trousers will definitely deliver. These trousers are going to be your greatest buddy no matter the weather, from sweltering heat to changing seasons!


    Schiffli Cotton Office Style Wrapron Coord Set

    Product Description:


    • Schiffli Cotton Cheery Red Colour Co-ord Set.
    • Coat Collar with Wrapron Style, suitable for Office Wears.
    • Comes with a pocket, which is more comfortable for women.
    • Actual colour may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources and device screen settings.
    • Highlighted With Hand Embroidery from Rajasthan.
    • Pant and top come with a liner, so very comfortable to wear.
    • Dresses Available in all size variant from XS – 3XL
    • COD & Easy Exchange and Returns Available.

    Care & Direction to Use:


    • Recommended to dry clean for first wash, for maintaining the colour of the fabric.
    • Recommended to wash in hand with cold water and mild detergent only.
    • Do not soak for long time, wash immediately.
    • Dry in shade area as it might get fade.
    • Use mild heat while ironing to maintain good appearance.

    Natural dyed colours may bleed after the first few washes or rub against the skin and other light-coloured clothing. Variations are likely to appear in the skilled processes of hand block printing, sewing, and embroidery. These imperfections serve as the distinguishing feature of all handcrafted goods and give each fashion trend its own individuality.

    Our items, like those of the majority of businesses, are expertly shot in regulated lighting. Depending on elements like shot angles, lighting, background tones, and colour temperatures, colours are frequently interpreted differently. As a result, patterns and hues may differ. However, we make an effort to match the tones as closely as possible to the hues of the original product.

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    Hand Loom Formal Look Coord Set

    • This Hand Loom Cotton Peach-orange Co-ord Set comes with a Coat Collar with Wrapron Style and also has convenient pocket for women.
    • This Dresses set is Available in all size variant from XS – 3XL.

    Hand Block Printed Hand Embroidered Coord Set


    • This Hand Block Printed Slub Cotton Co-ord Set comes with a Chinese Collar with Box pleat top Style, Highlighted with Hand Embroidery and also comes with a pocket which is more convenient for women.
    • This Dresses set is Available in all size variant from XS – 3XL.

    Thus, Using Niyatee Fashion Wear, dress up like a professional & we have a wide assortment of designer Cotton Kurtis that you can choose for different occasions.

    So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Latest designer Cotton Kurtis at affordable prices from Niyatee by Ekaurya.

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